And Pop Goes the Weasel...

Hello again, ReyNadiaI speaking. I'm dropping by to thank you for your patience and let you know a new update will be coming up soon. We are making a few adjustments here and there. The music was in need of some reworking and some CGs are going to get added (and some text may need polishing but nothing huge... hopefully). Also, there's plans for an opening sequence, and the same for the ending-credits...

Most of all, we are worried about people reporting problems playing the mini game right now. The mini-game was my idea (I'm the writer, btw). But I can understand it might not be everyone's cup of tea. It's there because it's the kind of game I enjoy personally. (And truth be told, I meant it to be harder, like doing the whole 10 arrow-key sequences in under 10 seconds lol. Good thing I was dissuaded, eh?) I kinda love this kind of fast-paced games^^ it's all about focus so I don't need any great skill to play XD

But if it's giving people such a hard time, we will see about adding an option to skip the mini-game.

...or have an auto-save there. Or put a warning for the player to save right before it starts.
...Maybe all three.

Sorry again for any kind of inconvenience. Do let us know if there's anything else you would have us improve. We are always open to suggestions.

Thanks again for the support and love in the comments.

See you soon~

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