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You know the story:

    The miller's daughter makes a deal with a creature, to spin "gold" for a "king", and asks her firstborn in return. But have you ever wondered what that old tale told?

What if it's not as literal as we were lead to believe?
What pushed her to do it?  What pushed everyone to make the choices they made?
What makes a monster, in a place where there's always a heavy price to pay?
And how many ways is there for the story to end? 



The miller's daughter is imprisoned in the windmill by her own father and chosen husband for the impossible task of "spinning gold", and under threat of literal death. To make matters worse, there is a lurking, haunting monster creature, standing right outside her window - her only escape. Her chances at this game of choices are like the spun thread trapping her wrists, as it seems her fate lies on many hands,
and none are hers.



- About 1.500 lines of script (around 1 hour of gameplay)
- 6 endings
- A romanceable option
- Custom-made mini-game
- Partial voice acting
- 10+ music tracks
- Over 60 sprites and visual assets with fully-realized backgrounds

Done in exactly one month (...except for everything that was not).

Genre: Fairytale / Dark Fantasy / Horror

Created for the Spooktober VN Contest of 2022 

NC-17: For violent situations, including mention of animal cruelty and of domestic abuse.



Use the arrow keys in your keyboard
             Each image corresponds to an arrow-keys pattern. When an image pops-up, type the corresponding pattern (reference at the left side of the screen)

Try to memorize what each image pattern is
Don't let the music freak you out
If you lost and didn't save, just use the SKIP option
(it will land you straight at the choices and mini-game itself)


This game is still under development and will receive updates in the future.




Special Thanks to: Meg TheLovableDork for the emotional support

Resources: Knitty.com, Zapsplat, Pixabay, Freepng, Photoshop, Freepik, Ruritania font by Paul Lloyd (dafont.com)

Updated 7 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
AuthorsSmallBunny, Androbas, Kayel, bbqseaweed, ReyNadiaI, Dysther, designbysru, IntStories
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withRen'Py
TagsFairy Tale, game, Halloween, Horror, Indie, Otome, rumpelstiltskin, spooktober
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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(1 edit) (+1)

This was a really nice game! The minigame definitely did catch me off guard and I struggled haha but it's the sort of minigame that's perfect for a VN IMO. Not too difficult but also not something I often get stuck on in VNs which are puzzles. Really nice touch that can be ramped up to higher difficulties and taken farther in another game! The voice acting, sound, graphics, writing, art, everything was so beautiful and atmospheric! I know it's a jam but I really liked the world building you were able to set up in such a short time frame. I was sad it was over! I did have a question as I was a bit confused! (KIND OF SPOILERS BELOW!!!):

I was wondering how she knew his name was what it was in the good ending? Obviously we know what his name would be, but how did the girl know his name?

Well... [SPOILERS]

In the good route, she literally asks him, when they are alone (at the reconciliation scene, after their fight). There he says his name is Rupert. You have the choice to betray him by choosing that name (and then you get the "Betrayal" BAD END).

And even after that, when he decides to sacrifice himself to set her free, by "drunkenly" revealing his name in a song, you have the choice to use that name and Rupert. Both get you the Betrayal BAD END.

BUT! If you don't use either name, instead choosing "...", what happens is that you are refusing to betray him. Instead, you/the miller's daughter makes up a name for him. It's a name that mixes up everything she knows about him: that he's a rump (=rumpel aka an "ass"), that he uses stilts, and that he has soft skin...


She's not calling him by his name: she's calling him *a* name. It's a inner joke between the two after everything they have lived together :)

I'm glad you mention this to me. Now I realize that part of the story can be made a bit clearer. I'll see about adding this explanation in the next update. Thanks

And thank you for the thoughtful review. It's nice to hear at least there's somebody that could play the mini-game without issue X'D

(1 edit) (+1)

OH LMFAOOO, okay yeah my mind would've never pieced that together xD Thank you for clearing that up. More spoilers below about that, but also yes haha I didn't have any issues with the minigame! I'm sorry you had people having so many issues! I was failing it at first but then realized that I was pushing in the wrong order for some keys, like for instance >< it was more instinctual for me to push that instead of <> so I kept failing from that xD But yes no technical issues! I definitely don't think you should give up on the minigame format and use it in the future! Now spoilers:

So yeah about the name haha I think if you spend a scene, maybe when she is in the castle, emphasizing each 3 words of that more somewhere in the dialogue then it'll definitely stand out! I definitely didn't think of the word rump being an ass xD Maybe she could refer to him as such in the dialogue at some point when he's being snarky; you could maybe add a scene where they interact in such a way. And/Or you could even have some like imagery showing up in her mind/onscreen at that ending moment, showing how she comes up with those names. Whichever way you like visualize a character thinking about something in their minds, you could show a flashback of each 3 parts so that the audience knows haha. Don't have to take my suggestion or anything, it just came to mind! >.< Anyways, thanks again for the nice story! I keep thinking about your story honestly, it was such a nice aesthetic. Would love to see more mystery/suspense or some medieval stuff from you again, in terms of both vibes you set them up equally well. Same with romance, I wish I could've seen their love grow >.< But yeah I'll be keeping an eye out for whatever you choose to release! You're a talented writer.

I am seriously stuck at the yarn game what am I supposed to do? I have tried to use the mouse my keyboard nothing works?  This is stopping me from finishing the game and I really want to finish this fabulous game.  Can you please take the yarn mini game out it does not work and it's bugged. 😥 Also you don't give any instructions on what to do like do you use a keyboard or mouse to make it work?

I'm also stuck in the minigame. I've done what I could but I can't finish lol

I believe the dev is working on a fix to the yarn game if you read their reply a month ago yet nothing has happened the easiest fix would be just to take that mini game out it provides no enjoyment just frustration and is badly bugged just my opinion I really hope they fix it.

I'm very sorry you guys encountered this problem. We thought we had it fixed since last few updates -__- If you can give us any details about how it's not working so we can fix it, we will truly appreciate it. We will go back to the drawing board

To answer both your questions: Yes, it's the arrows in the keyboard. You press the arrow keys in the right order. "Right order" being the arrow keys pattern associated to the image of the hands in front of you (and using the smaller images on the left as reference).

When you do it successfully, you finish a spinning <movement>, and then it switches to a new movement (that is, the bigger image changes into another, which has its own instructions / arrow key pattern).

You finish a third image (arrow key pattern) to complete a <sequence>. After getting 10 correct sequences (3 images each) under 45 seconds, you win!

...It sounds a bit more intimidating than it actually is, I promise.

If you get the game to work for you, and want to give it a second chance, my suggestion is: don't overthink it, just try to follow what you see.

Sure, it helps to memorize what each image means in key-pressing, though not required. If you don't get nervous, you should have plenty of time to spare. (And if you do get nervous, don't worry, I'm sure you will be an expert by the third or fourth time you play it :) It's the learning curve. It's by design: it's supposed to take a few tries.)

Btw, the mini-game was my idea (I'm the writer), I wanted it to be somewhat challenging. But if it's giving people such a hard time, we will see about adding an option to skip the mini-game.

Thanks for both your inputs, and for the support. Also, sorry it took me this long to answer. I never got a notification about the last four or so comments on my mail O_o Very sorry about that. If you want to give us any more of your thoughts, you are more than welcomed. We will look forwards to that!

(1 edit)

Both arrows are facing the same way in.  Not a knitter here.  I would add that ability to skip this game as you see a lot of folks having issues with it and this is causing your game to be unplayable which is a real shame for those whom are not able to figure this out.  In my case when you press the arrow keys on my keyboard literally nothing happens.


The concept of Rumpel's character and the story is really great !!! (His design is also so fine <3<3<3)  You guys really did a great job at describing how dubious he is at first and then bit by bit showing his emotional part. I mean there is more than a trickster in him, hehehe.

Also MC is really well written too, her tragic life was well depicted even without visuals (Girl never got her rest T_T). Her chemistry with Rumpel is so good, they really match their attitude, like she becomes more lively because of him and we can obviously see it. 

I'm sure really love this alternate story of Rumpel. What plan do you guys have, to update this game by the way? because I see it is still in development and I'm also keen to replay this game to dig up more stories (^_^)

(2 edits)

Hey, neellenium! Wow, thanks for your considerate review!

I'm very glad you think their chemistry works, and I'm humbled by your praise of the writing, thank you ^//^  And I'm sure Hessai will be very happy her Rumpel's non-monster design (we call him Rumpeldarling or Rumpelbishie hehe) gets some very deserved love too~.

As for plans for the future, again, thank you for showing this much interest ^//^  Yeah, the music and some CGs and an opening sequence are going to get added... eventually. *sweatdrop* I'm thinking maybe, when we get this in proper shape, I'll put a new comment under here to let you know in case you want to revisit the miller's daughter's story :)

I guess I need to make a new entry about that, don't I? I'll do that so I don't clutter this response box -__- Btw, just out of curiosity, what did you have in mind? Something like deepest lore?

Also, sorry it took me so long to answer. I never got a notification about the last four or so comments on my mail O_o 'S so weird. Very sorry about that. Have a great week!

Hi! I loved the visuals, I am stuck at the yarning game. Any hints?


Hey, thanks for the nice comment!
As for the yarn minigame... it's a bit hard the first time, and you are supposed to get a bit panicky lol, but just try a couple of times until you memorize the pattern? XD once you get the hang of it, you'll be able to complete it in half the alloted time, I promise

Deleted 8 days ago